Untrue Songs

by Jeremy Voss

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All songs written, performed and recorded by Jeremy Voss in various apartments in Brooklyn and Queens, NYC, 2006-2012.


released May 14, 2013

All songs (c) 2013 Jeremy Voss
All songs published by Vosslandia Music (BMI)

cover photo: John Voss



all rights reserved


Jeremy Voss New York, New York

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Track Name: Untrue
Baby let your hair down, and come to me
Baby let your hair down, and come to me
‘Cause everything I’ve ever thought has turned out to be untrue
So how on earth could I prove my love to you?
Track Name: You Were A Ghost
You were a ghost
for 22 hours
I handled inquiries
from concerned onlookers

You were floating through centuries
and haunting old houses
playing tricks with my memory
You were so quiet
Track Name: Holding Pattern
I am waiting for your sign
I am waiting for a light
I am waiting by your side
I am waiting out of sight

I am holding on, holding on
You are right away, right away
I am wandering, wandering
You are not alone, not alone

I am sending out
I am holding back
I’m holding out
I’m giving in
Track Name: I'm Connected
I’ve got a weak heart
I’ve got a strong mind
I walk the right way
I’m never left out
And I’m connected
I’m connected
I’m connected

I say the right things
At the right time
I’ve got a weak heart
I’ve got a strong mind
And I’m connected
I’m connected
I’m connected
Track Name: The Longing
The longing
it never goes away
well I read what you write
and I see you what you mean

the waiting
it gets harder every day
you don’t know what to say
but you fake it anyway

The memory
An image taking shape
of no particular place
falling out of time and space

The problem
is getting to the truth
it fades away our youth
you’re gonna have to let it go

I think you may be lying to yourself
Just enough for everyone else
But not enough for me

The answer
you didn’t want to hear
but your audience draws near
you’re gonna have to let them know

The waiting
it gets harder every day
you don’t know what to say
but you fake it anyway
Track Name: Elizabeth
I climb up on the roof
to howl up at the moon
I nearly broke my shoulder trying to climb back to my room
Elizabeth you’ve got me so confused

Elizabeth my dear
the only thing I fear
is that the words I say are all the ones you want to hear
Elizabeth I cannot shed a tear

Elizabeth you’re wrong
it’s just a stupid song
You’re trying to find beauty in the shadows and the fog
Elizabeth you’ve known this all along

I know you got here first
you’ve had time to rehearse
you break down your defenses just to dive into your purse
Elizabeth i know there’s nothing worse

I look back at the moon
the moon obscured by clouds
I’ve lost my rhyme and reason since I fell back to the ground
Elizabeth there’s still no one around
Track Name: Parting Shot
What you hoped for is what you got
All I’m left with is a parting shot

You can’t bear to be left undone
You can’t lose what you’ve already won

When you turn you around, do you see through me?
With all your skills and mastery?

All the things that you keep to yourself
Put it back, put it back on the shelf

I’m throwing words, words that rhyme
Across a page where there’s no lines

And i’m trying to stay aware
Of the things that are not there

All the things that you left unsaid
Is it me or did they stay in your head?

And the things that you expect me to know
It’s not hard to figure out I should go

Well so much for my simplistic linguistic tricks
I try so hard but you know nothing ever sticks

I won’t force it to come around
But i can’t let it run aground

What do you see?
What do you see?
What do you see when you see me?